Thank You

Meet Our Family

Joshua and Caleb

Our beautiful twin boys. They are named after two very strong men that listened to God, and did as they were told. They trusted in God for everything, and were ever faithful. They were rewarded for their faithfulness and were the first two men to enter the Promised Land. We chose these names together one Saturday afternoon right after we found out there were two babies. We were both drawn by the story of Caleb and Joshua, there just were no more perfect names for our boys than these two. They are due on August 24, 2008. Our prayer is that we carry the pregnancy long enough to give them the best chance at survival, and that we are able to make the most of the time God allows us with them. We can hardly wait to love them in person. These are God’s babies, and we are just thankful to be a part of the miracle of them. We are blessed to be chosen by God to be their parents.

Image:3d ultrasound